About Harburg

Harburg Investments provides the foundations for Queensland’s leading business and professions.

With a portfolio of four office towers in the CBD, Harburg Investments is a family owned and managed company with a fifty year history and a long term commitment to the development and management of commercial property in Brisbane.


  • "...best quality service anticipates the customers' needs. Service is seamless, unobtrusive and mostly unseen.."

Harburg desk

Harburg provides a management team dedicated to service, maintenance and continuous improvement that ensures our properties perform to the needs of our valued clients.

In fifty years, Peter Harburg has steadily built a strong and stable, family owned self managed property company.

Peter established a foothold in Brisbane's CBD with the acquisition of Quay Central at 95 North Quay. Over the last twenty years the portfolio has expanded to encompass another three towers in the Brisbane CBD.

Harburg Investments are dedicated to stable long term alliances with key specialist service providers that include fire safety, air-conditioning, electrical, plumbing and cleaning services.  Together, these constitute the team that builds, maintains and provides the best service and support to our highly valued long term customers throughout the property portfolio.

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